Dear Clemens Mill Families, 

The first day of school is Tuesday September 6th/22 and we are thrilled to welcome all our Dolphins and Dolphin families back for our 2022/23 school year!  As you may be aware, School Day is not accessible for the time being.  We understand that families are patiently waiting for homeroom and teacher information, our apologies for the inconvenience.  

On Tuesday September 6th, we welcome families to come on to school property and staff will assist in getting students to their homeroom class.  

  • we will have staff positioned in areas to direct students and families to their grade area / homeroom teacher  
  • on Tuesday, maps will be available to families that will show their grade area
  • signage will be made available to indicate grade areas
  • once in the grade area, staff will direct the student and family to the appropriate homeroom teacher 
  • the homeroom teacher will have a sign with the home form and room number listed
  • students in gr. 7 and gr. 8 will be directed to the gym, where they will be assigned to their homeroom
  • once all students are together in their homerooms, teachers will take them to class

In case of rain, all students from gr. 1 to gr. 8 will be welcomed into the gym and we will organize students into classes from there. JK/SK families will be welcomed to the Kindergarten classroom doors and be directed to the correct homeroom. 

Please familiarize yourself with the grade area map below.  Copies of this map will be made available to families on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we welcome another incredible school year.

Take care, 

V. Tiwari                                 S. Sheriff

Principal                                 Vice-Principal

Clemens Mill P.S.