Hey Dolphins, please see the following information for Phys Ed @ Clemens Mill P.S.


– Uniform, Expectations, Safety, Assessment (2022/2023) –

To help students participate actively, safely and at their best, students are asked to prepare for physical and health education (PHE) class the following ways.


HAIR – When a student has hair that can block their sight (i.e., long, bangs) that student will tie their hair back using a soft hair tie. Students cannot wear hard headbands, tiaras or hair accessories with parts that stick out (i.e., animal ears).


JEWELRY – Jewelry is asked to be REMOVED for safety (yours, other students). Items to be removed include – watch/fitbit, bracelet, ring, necklace/chain, earrings, nose ring. 

NOTE – Hoop or hanging earrings MUST be fully removed and cannot be taped. The best place to keep any jewelry is in a locker (intermediate/junior students) or classroom desks (junior/primary students) and will NOT be brought to the gym space.


  • Religion → we need a parent/guardian communication that explains the reason for the exception AND that states how the student will secure the item
  • New piercing → we need a parent/guardian communication that explains the new piercing and approximate timeline it must stay in AND that states how the student will secure the item

NOTE: Items not able to be removed MUST be secured to the student’s body by the 

             student (i.e., use tape, use an athletic wristband).


FOOTWEAR / SHOES – Athletic or running shoes need to be worn as they are best for support and traction, and they can be made tighter (laces, velcro, slide). All shoes must have NON-marking soles. Students cannot wear – slip-ons, boots, sandals, flip flops, slides, crocs, dress shoes, and cleats.


GYM CLOTHES (Grades 1-3) – Students in these grades will NOT be asked to change into a specific set of gym clothes. We ask that on gym days students wear clothing that will allow them to move their body safely and comfortably. Clothing like dresses (can move up on the body), button up shirts (fingers caught between buttons), and jeans (ability to move freely) are not good options for these days. 


GYM CLOTHES (Grade 4-8) – Students in these grades WILL BE EXPECTED TO CHANGE into a specific gym uniform each class (personal hygiene, unrestricted movement during activities, makes identification easy when participating in on-site and off-site school activities). We seek to coordinate our gym attire with our school colours of grey and blue.

Here are the options for a suitable gym uniform:

  • Purchase Clemens Mill gym clothes from our school 
    • grey quick dry T-shirt ($15), royal blue athletic shorts ($15)
  • Wear previously purchased Clemens Mill gym clothes (grey T-shirt, blue shorts)
  • Purchase your own grey T-shirt and royal/medium blue athletic shorts
  • Bring your own existing clothes from home (grey T-shirt and medium blue athletic shorts)
  • If all these options do not work for you, please speak with your child’s teacher and we will assist you.   


  • In the wash → bring any T-shirt and shorts as a short term solution; tell us at the start of class.
  • Religion → wear longer clothing under gym clothes. If another accommodation is needed, please speak to your child’s teacher.



  • Need alternate space to change → speak to your child’s teacher and we will help you.


INJURY / SICKNESS  (Cannot Participate in Gym)

  • Parents/Guardians should communicate (email, phone, note) with the teacher the nature of the injury/illness and approximate time out of the program (if possible).
  • CONCUSSIONS → if a doctor is seen and a concussion is expected, a student cannot resume the physical education program until all necessary School Board documents are completed and given to our office. If you require more information about concussion protocol, please ask. 



We believe that all students can be successful in our program, despite any perceived ability in physical education. The following areas will be assessed on a regular basis:

  • Participation → warm-up, instructions, question and answer, practice, play, inclusive play
  • Safety → gym clothes, proper shoes, jewelry, hair, no gum, use of equipment and space, interactions with peers, listening 
  • Skill → body movement during an activity (i.e., passing, catching, hitting, shooting)
  • Strategy → ability to think and plan during play (i.e., offensive, defensive) 
  • Living Skills → social-emotional learning, goal setting, pursuit of goals, cooperation, group work, fair play, personal growth


One way we will share information with your child (and you) is by using google classroom. This will include important PHE class information, PHE unit plans, health notes and assessment tasks. We absolutely look forward to working with your child and enjoying a fun and engaging PHE program. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher.


Trevor Sealock — Trevor_Sealock@wrdsb.ca

Kim Gilhespy — Kimberly_Gilhespy@wrdsb.ca